• Back To Iwo Jema

A second of light it came like flash from heaven

The moment of truth a minute of doubt but then my friend

It came from the sky; they came from the sea

We all knew that we would die

The secret of war is that the strongest will stand

Don’t ever believe there is some glory

And I can recall when enemies came to invade

So many years ago


Going back to the island again

I’ll return to the fire and hell

I wake up every night and I scream after light

As I feel Iwo Jima again

Back to Iwo Jima again

All of us Knew

It’s over and out but samurais keep fighting

We stand for the flag and aim for the win though we have lost

Recalling the day; the warriors way

I see it though I’m blind

So what do you say if they call you a liar and thief

And how do you plead; are you the guilty?

The worst of it all was that I could not go home

To the place where I belong


Oh, my friend

Iwo Jima; I wish that I had stayed

I’m fading away