They’re out for blood tonight, they’re the widow makers

Killer elite, Cuba invaders

A motley crew in the line of fire

A raging horde of criminal pilgrims

Murder patrol of heavy drug addicts

Burning wheel on the road to ruin

This is the dark chapter of freedom

But no one cares, where is the reader now?

The words are gone somehow

But I just can’t take it so


Break the chains one final time

We’ll see you on the other side

The revolution’s bound to fail

And God is on your side

They aimed to reach the residence

Left by their own president

Failure is what people say

About the Bay of Pigs

So have you seen the news, have you felt desire

The lust to kill to turn on the pyre

Tell me son: Do you even bother?

Sometimes it drives me mad that I don’t know

The secret script to the questions of our lives

Please don’t say that I am a liar

Back in the days they remembered the world war

It was for real and just like a time bomb

Why can’t we find another way

These boys were on top so please


What a slaughter


This is the dark side of the story

Hookers of greed, power horny

Let’s find another war