We are talking ’bout the past

And a freedom fighter that will last

He’s known as the Guardian of Scotland

William Wallace was his name

Fighting to protect the land

A nightmare to the king of England


Rime of the warrior

Fighting the freedom war

Wielding the axe

Hearts did burn

Time to learn

Blessed be thy brave

Rime of the Warrior

Fighting the freedom war

Die by the sword

Rise; rise a true Sacrifice

The hammer must be stopped

Did not fight to gain the throne

Just to protect the Scottish soil

But one day he had to surrender

Treason brought him to his grave

Captured and tortured like a slave

Taken to London for execution


He was a man with a brave heart

He was a man with a brave heart


This is the rime


They called him The Braveheart

He was a man with a brave heart