On the first page he wrote

So here we go: marching out to the battlefield

All prepared to fight

Be by my side, I pray to my God

And on page forty one

No sign of despair; I can feel lust and courage

Enemies beware

Here comes the kings of insanity


We will die on the glory road to heaven

The brave will live forever

I raise my glass and drink to you

Who will fight ’til the final breath with honor

Are we gods or generals?

I’m not sure

After hours of reading

I can sense a change, now the war is a raging beast

Many comrades are now dead

Stay with me Lord, you’re my shield and my sword

At the end of the book

He’s another man, crushed, burned, luck had turned

Hell is here and now

What have I done and what have I become



March for me soldiers one final time

Walk ‘gainst the enemy lines with pride

We’ll live and we’ll die like a man