When you walk through the fire

If you’re lost in the dark

I will tell you son

There are legends of heroes

Not many are true, but here is one

Let me tell you some more ’bout Normandy

And a name that will shine eternally

A lad who was sent to a place you know well

To play for his comrades on the road to Hell

Walked into the fire without fear in his heart

Only armed with his bagpipe he was destined to march

And the madness could start


Play for me brother like never before

Scottish Piper Bill

Play Hielan’ Laddie and the Road to the Isles

On your pipe of peace

This was pride; it was real, and no tale from the past

They were there to be legends to set marks that would last

Soldiers may stand and soldiers may fall

And this is about one who did stand tall

A Scotsman was fighting in world war number one

In the same kilt as our piper; like father like son