Leaving all behind, the award is to be found

Like a scene from a dream and a vision of heavenly might

In the cradle of this war, I know, and that’s for sure

When the battle’s done: there can be only one

I am marching out against evil

May the Lord be on our side


Ready to fight; fire at will

We shall die in Gettysburg

Ready to fight; fire at will

People will cry over Gettysburg

This inferno turned me blind there was fire and smoke all around

Dead bodies and blood everywhere on this unholy ground

Now the future is no more, we’re all lost to this vicious whore

When the victory’s won, I’m a fatherless son

We went out to fight for glory

Only one of us came home



I sit here on my porch as an old and lonely man

Sometimes I recall when terror struck the land

Was it right to go to arms to defend the freedom rights

I am sure or else I’ve lived upon a lie