The wings of the raven

Set sail for your haven

The fury of mine is always clear

Bout fear, you’ve felt it all your life

For me there’s a reason

To kill for the treason

A conflict increasing in my mind

So why am I the one to blame

I’m a brick in this game


Freedom Fighter, heathen lighter

Tell me who I am

You know, I’m my own worst enemy

Freedom fighter you enlighten

Shadow of the sun

I’ll be marching for the savior

I’m my own worst enemy

I’m my own worst enemy

The crimes of a father

The sins of a mother

Are you one of those who never cares

Bout love cause you’ve seen it all your life

You know that I’ve never

Has been taken for clever

Guess I am a pagan on the run

I know that life is not the same

You’re controlling the game