I am a story of the grand illusion

I walk among the living dead

This world is built on hate and mass confusion

Endless pain and torture fill my days

Thousand years of lunacy

Thousand years of lies

Lonely is the hunter who’s running in the dark

Ancient words; insanity

Stupidity will rise

‘Cause now I see it so clear


This is a tale that never should be told

Though it’s been here forever

Hiding in the corner of your eyes

This is a story from the days of old

Many still do believe it

It’s time to realize and clear your minds

While I still have the time

Blind lead the blind in the realms of heathens

Great politicians made a plan

Wise men came to write a book

Who could understand

These holy scripts by corrupted hands

We know how to tame a land; this is what to do

Kill everyone who’s asking, break down the free and brave

Take the flock to wasted lands, whip them with our rules

They’ll soon be under our command



Desert of tears, ocean of death

Father and son eternal slaves

Conquer their souls, buyer of sins

Enemies fall curse their lives

Heaven is a fictive place and Hell is just the same

This sacred fraud has been going on since always

Break the chains of ignorance, speak up, don’t play the game

Man kind’s on its knee but we’re not dying

No more tears