Acid dreams infernal thoughts

Future is for real

Monsters, creatures of mankind

Stronger than the steel

We are frightened we are enlightened

is this the ending of the earth

Forever and ever this war will go on

I know we’re children of rebirth

Sacred hearts of outer space

Is there signs of life?

We need place our time is running out


Gladiators of the earth

We are the human race, lost in the final phase now

Forever seeking

Gladiators of this time

Lost in the future fight heading into the light now


Who can live forevermore

None; that’s what I’ve heard

Ghosts or angels I don’t care

I’m a watcher of this world

Sole survivor, unholy driver

Time now to open up the gates

The masses just want to come in from the cold

I know it’s a legacy of hate

Hear our song; infinity

We are here and now

Liar and betrayer you must die