I wake up at night again and again

But there ain’t no turning back; I must carry on

Pray for me mother; pray for me dad

It’s a slaughter in the sun

And we try to get some justice with a gun

Some people say there’s no golden bridge to heaven

And some people say

That they know it all too well; it’s a road straight to Hell


It’s the last fullĀ measure

Fight for the flag and for peace

It’s the last full measure

One more battle to win

So men; there is no giving in

The chaos is here the show has begun

Armageddon finally came and the blood will flow

So bury me father, fix me a grave

And I will never ever run

And my only friend is the trigger of my gun

Some people say that the war will soon be over

But in my head the war still rages on; I’m the prodigal son



This civil war has divided the people

The land of the free speak of history no more

What have we learned from all these wasted lives

The future is dark it’s no rime or reason

It’s over and out only shame and treason

No room for heroes; it’s a sign of our time


This will end the civil war