The devil is me but I don’t understand; the evil is rising

The devil is you, it’s a part of the plan; dehumanizing

Why can’t we treat each and everyone with respect and love

Dying and living, it’s all just the same

In this ongoing merry go round

There are many lies, a weapon to control

Words are lethal in this game

Corruption and treason the ultimate show


The cradle is rocked by the Babylon whore

This world will explode and I know it’s for sure

A sightseeing in Hell, death and chaos

Now time’s running out be they don’t understand

This war is a crime, it’s not man against man

It’s a big crucial miss and a venomous kiss

They are the people of the abyss

The Devil within is better without fear and confusion

We all have to sin to live it all out; there’s no final solution

So many theories but I know for a fact

There’s no second chance

Violence and force is a part of their game

How I wish that we all should be friends

Walls they built may tumble down

The Earth would be as new

We are in this all together

Surrender to love let the good feelings flow