Come along now boys we’ve got so many miles to go

It has been so many fights and now it’s time to show

What a boy is really made of

What a man’s prepared to die for

Be a killer angel in the army under God

Mississippi soldiers, Army of the Tennessee

If you talk the talk you’d better walk the walk with me

It is time to play with fire, being judge without a trial

Army of Georgia set the devil in you free

We’re rolling like thunder, we burn and we plunder

The Principle of the scorched earth

Civilians are dying the children are crying

But this is the way of the world


Savannah here we come, this is the final march

The star spangled banner waving over us tonight

Savannah, soon it’s done; you must surrender

There is no glory in defeat but Hell is far away

When I read the story of this long and bloody war

I realized what they were really fighting for

Memories will live forever, be the stupid or the clever

or this wicked war will rage on and on and on

The Atlantic ocean came closer everyday

And Sherman made a vow: now it’s time to pay

It was just around the corner and before it’s getting colder

This war shall end I guarantee you President

The tactic was brutal, but God Hallelujah

In gun smoke the justice was made

Bloodshed and chaos the northern invaders

Completing the inglorious raid